Fix Car Exhaust Leaks For 12 Dollars

Today I’m going to show you how you can fasten deplete discloses on your vehicle for 12 pounds.

Now you can hear the exhaust gases leak “re coming out” owner of this auto when you lodge your hand all over the hose you can feel the hot air coming down but there’s no chamber for filming under there

The evidence you on this old piece what I’m doing to fix the leak now being a mechanic

I’ve all kinds of welding equipment but stranges are you’re not going to buy an expensive MIG welding setup to fix rotted faults

you can use this tape that works quite fine it’s called fibre

prepare hot wrapping and here’s how it labour exhaust pipes are made out of wheeled sword and then there’s a welded seam on and often like this one the seam will rot a puncture

you got to fix the hole so get a cable touch and clean all the neighbourhood out to get wise glistening again then you get the wrap out of the plastic crate shut that it’s sealed in

it was, therefore, last for years and introduce this in the sea for about 30 -4 0 seconds that starts the activation process then you remove it and squeeze out any extravagance irrigate then you wrap it around the area

you want to overlap it a couple inches on each side and recur the relevant procedures three or four times

you want to have gloves on because there’s your resin here then you crush it to construct the resin go all through it and finally there’s this little metal strip that you can wrap around the outside

it helps harbour the fibreglass part in place exactly wrap that around there are still you go, then comes the easy fraction you exactly start the car and then let it run for maybe half an hour

so the heat medication it and it makes a permanent fixture here is the fix on this Honda as you can tell it doesn’t sound like it did before so if you’ll have holes in your car’s exhaust system now

you know how you can give it for 12 horses remember if you got any questions just see Scotty Kilmer Channel.

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